Agribusiness Research Development & Extension Services

Roy Murray-Prior
Roy Murray-Prior
is a highly experienced international and national researcher who can use and facilitate collaboration to integrate soft systems, quantitative modelling and experimental research methodologies to investigate problems ranging at the agribusiness and farming systems scale for a broad range of industries.

He can also design, help implement and evaluate development and extension programs to communicate the key messages from research and build the human and social capital to enhance economic, social and environmental outcomes.



  • Agribusiness systems research
  • Agricultural extension design, research and evaluation
  • Agricultural economics and farm management research
  • Collaborative marketing systems design, research and evaluation
  • Design, review and evaluation of agricultural and agribusiness research,
    development and extension proposals, projects and papers or theses.
  • Design, review and evaluation of training programs


Over 190 publications in agribusiness systems, agricultural economics and farm management, collaborative marketing groups, agribusiness marketing and agricultural extension.

For a complete list, visit the publications page.


I have conducted research projects in agribusiness systems, agricultural extension, and agricultural economics and farm management.

A list of research projects & grants is available here.